Portacool – Portable Air cooler Port-A-Cool JetStream 2400 – PACJS2400

industrial cooler ideal for work areas in shops, factories and industrial buildings, evaporative cooled to 186 sqm.

This Air cooler scrollable Port-A-Cool JetStream 2400 cooled to 186 sqm.

  • Lowers the temperature between 6 and 12 ° C
  • New pulley wheels for easy portability
  • New grids with directional adjustment
  • New tank 181 liters for greater autonomy of operation
  • Kuul powerful engine speed with 2 years warranty
  • Fuel efficiency with only 5.8 amps between the pump and motor
  • Two water supply options, manual or hose for longer operating time
  • Water level indicator, drainage system and drained
  • 1 chassis molded single piece, leakproof polyethylene will not rust
  • Respectful with the environment, using resources efficiently
  • Cools the air with a fraction of the cost of air conditioning
  • Cools without chemicals, gases or refrigerants
  • Product of very long operating life, virtually maintenance free
  • Completemente assembled and ready to use out of the box
Performance air 12,742 m³ / h
Cooling capacity 186 m²
Dimensions 182 x 137 x 71 cm
Weight 91 kg


Showing the solitary result. Portable Cooling Solutions in Dubai can offer customised solutions through our extensive expertise in the industrial air-conditioning market. 1 cooler, he notes, has the capability to keep approximately two bays cool. Ecological evaporative coolers are extremely effective where air conditioners aren’t practical or aren’t efficient. Portacool coolers have an array of accessories accessible to protect and even boost your investment. Industrial coolers have a preset reservoir you may put water into. They make a number of the most effective industrial coolers in the business, and any decision is an excellent decision from their catalog.

If you can’t discover what you are seeking please send us an email and we are going to try to assist you locate it. Offering different models, the client can be sure to suits your requirements. On account of the easy technology employed in the unit, this Port-A-Cool product is comparatively maintenance-free. They’re definitely a top brand in the business, and may just be the very best. And some space restricted businesses will not have any choice except to go for the more compact window unit to be able to conserve space. It is normally more cost effective to buy the unit instead of pay rental fees for lengthy periods of time. The main reason this isn’t advised is because of the additional power consumption of meeting the excess demands.

Considering all the varieties of industrial coolers available you won’t have any trouble making an educated guess on which can help you out.  We are pleased to help you with your questions. But there’s a lot of thought which goes into purchasing these units, and it goes far past the standard mold of normal air conditioners. This is quite much a higher end cooler that could provide years of use, and thus don’t permit the price tag scare you off-it is well well worth it. Whether you’re trying to cool your house, workshop, industrial, mining or military website, we can supply an affordable method through the usage of internationally verified PORTACOOL portable evaporative cooling units. It covers a bigger area and puts out a whole lot of power.

Because their units are quality, it’s really hard to discover them at an affordable price. Furthermore, buying a unit will help save you money year in, year out, season after season. There are two types of units represented within this industrial cooler list. This unit will help you save money and help you save the earth. Or perhaps you want to just try out or demo a unit for a couple days before purchasing.



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