Portacool – Outdoor evaporative cooler (Port-A-Cool Cyclone 2000 – PACCYC02)

Ideal for cooling work areas in industry and workshops.

details outdoor evaporative cooler product

Port-A-Cool Cyclone ™ 2000 system features an exclusive centrifugal air supply were eliminated fan blades and reduced noise, but without sacrificing power. The device measures only 80 cm high by 65 cm deep and 65 cm wide. The Cyclone ™ 2000 may be small, but it produces a powerful air flow rate of 3300 m / h cooling to 45 m² of free space.

  • Durable, 1/2 horse engine
  • Virtually no maintenance costs
  • Cooler ideal for work areas Evaporative cooling
  • All units at the Port-A-Cool® brand come ready to use when unpacked
  • Operating costs amount to just a fraction of the traditional air conditioning
  • Respectful of the environment due to the efficiency and effectiveness in the use of energy
  • Both the apparatus and the water tank are portable
  • solid housing of a single block of polyethylene cast
  • It is the evaporative cooling system, portable, more advanced
  • Water tank capacity of 38 liters
  • Grids to define the airflow

Like all of Port-A-Cool ®, the evaporative cooler Cyclone ™ 2000 is made of polyethylene plastic leak-proof, it requires little maintenance and offers simple operation. Just fill the tank with water, plug it in and feel the fresh air. Port-A-Cool Cyclone ™ 2000 reduces the temperature to 10 ° C, using only tap water and electricity 220 V (low power with 270 W).

Port-A-Cool-Cyclone 2000 is ideal for small workshops, patios, porches, car repair bays, private, pool and gym areas, or anywhere traditional methods of air conditioning are ineffective or cost prohibitive.

Airflow 3,300 m³ / h
Cooling capacity 45 sqm
Dimensions 79 x 61 x 64 cm
Weight 30 kg


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