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Industrial air cooler

our Industrial air cooler as the name  is the best device to cool your industrial space, workshop or Stable for animals cooling ,it cools air through the evaporation of water. in dubai hot Summer seasons can be one of the most frustrating months of all. Especially when the air temperture around 45 dgrees. Keeping your workshop in dubai summer cool confrtuble can often be very expensive task with Dewa electricity Bills!

Industrial coolers are just best the answers for all your workshop summer troubles!


why you need to absolutely have these Industrial air cooler in your workshop!

ü  Cost – Effective

ü  Eco – Friendly

ü  A healthier choice


So how does it work?

To consistently and continuously cool your workshop or outdoor space, our industrial evaporative air coolers build on this natural phenomenon, using a fan to draw warm, stale air, where it passes over water-moistened pads to be cooled.


Why should you buy Industrial Air cooler?

Eco – Friendly: Evaporative air coolers are environment friendly. They do not emit greenhouse gases. So not only are you ensuring a cool environment, you are doing your bit to a better world by buying a product that does not pollute our atmosphere!

Family Friendly: Unlike conventional air conditioners they do not circulate the same air over and over again. In a conventional air conditioner since the air is being reused continuously it leads to health problems such as asthma and other health alignments. However if you own an evaporative air coolers in your house you can be rest assured that your family is in safe hands!

Pocket Friendly:  They actually consume 75% less electricity than a standard air conditioner! Need we say more?

User Friendly: The technology is fairly simple and hence hardly need repair. It has fewer parts comparatively and hence easier to maintain! А full tank lasts аbоut 10 hours. If уоu think you need the cooler for a longer time, all you need to do is connect it to a hose with constant supply of water. And there you go… A continuous supply of refreshing cool air!

Home Friendly: They don’t require ductwork. Because they fit in a window, you do not need ductwork to distribute the air. Smaller units can be placed on the window with very little installation.


There are a variety of evaporative cooler that can make you summers less tiresome and more fun! Still need more information? Don’t Worry!

Contact our product experts + – Dubai –UAE or drop in a mail to   and we will make sure that all your queries are answered!


Industrial Evaporative outdoor Cooler DC-1B

Outdoor air condtioner Water cooling fan A/C

Airflow: 18000 CBM/h

Cooling Area: 200-250 sqm

230V / 50-60Hz 550W

Water Tank : 60L

Water consumption: 10-15 L/h

Noise : 55, 64, 70

1120 x 720 x 1500 mm

One Year Warranty


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