Air Coolers Dubai- Industrial cooler – Evaporative Outdoor coolers – Desert Coolers – outdoor ac – Dubai – UAE – AL8-380 Air cooler

This Air Cooler is the best air cooler available in Dubai and UAE market Today, with unique design and higher air flow, it provides very good cooling efficacy for outdoor cooling application.

we provide free delivery and installation for Dubai and Abu Dhabi Customers.

AL8-380 Air cooler specifications:

  • 8000 Cubic Meter Per hour air flow
  • Powerful 380 Watt Motor
  • Side and Back air intake filters
  • 65 Liters Water Tank
  • Automatic Filling Option
  • Anti UV plastic for outdoor applications
  • Heavy Duty with 2 years’ warranty

Purchasing the most effective portable evaporative cooler at the correct price requires a decent sum of research to make sure you get the unit most appropriate for your requirements. Portable evaporative coolers arrive in a variety of sizes to fit a number of spaces. They’re lightweight and require only water and electricity to operate, which means that you can put them to utilize in your residence or office effortlessly. It’s the same thing as when you escape the pool on a popular summer’s day and you receive a chill.

If you need outdoor air conditioning, you have to call AirPac. When an air conditioner can’t carry out this function, it doesn’t serve its goal. That’s correct, an air conditioner. Finally, when you find a freestanding air conditioner, be sure that the manufacturer has certain resources in place to aid you in case of an issue or only an overall question. In regards to portable air conditioners, you may pick from quite a few top brands like DeLonghi, Levante and Honeywell portable air conditioners. If this sort of air conditioner isn’t a very good fit for you, there are different choices to consider. Nowadays you have a completely Free Air Conditioner to fix all your cooling problems without needing to devote a dime!

You can purchase units which are very lightweight and simple to move. Additionally, buying a unit will help save you money year in, year out, season after season. Or maybe you want to just try out or demo a unit for a couple days prior to buying. Basically, the unit is full of water. A third sort of inexpensive unit works with water evaporation. For this reason, we don’t suggest a solitary unit ahead of all of the rest as there are several top models that excel in various scenarios. Also, consider how quiet it’s during operation.

You also wish to consider the yearly operating price. It’s normally more cost effective to get the unit in place of pay rental fees for long periods of time. If you purchase the wrong one, you may end up unhappy with your buy. Don’t wait until the previous minutebecause this item sells quickly. At Air Conditioner Home, we would like to be certain to get the most suitable product to fit your private cooling requirements. OceanAire products are designed to last. There’s an appreciable number of different brand makes and models to pick from and you’re going to want to receive the best one for your demands.

There are lots of very excellent reasons to decide on a minimal power, higher output climate cooling evaporative device on a normal portable or fixed AC or HVAC system provided that the neighborhood climate will sustain it with very low enough humidity levels during the hot season to help it become viable. Once you’ve got power, water, and ice, you’re prepared to get started cooling. There are 3 standard systems. Swamp coolers are based on an easy, efficient technology that’s been around quite a long time. At Maplin, we’re always searching for innovations and technology which can help your organization work better. In general design is another significant consideration. That’s correct, you don’t only have to keep the inside of your home super cool once the weather is truly hot.


Air Coolers Dubai- Industrial cooler – Evaporative Outdoor coolers – Desert Coolers – outdoor ac – Dubai – UAE – AL8-380 Air coole


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