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Summer isn’t always that fun, at least that is the reality for those who live in Dubai, more, the heat wave. Air cooler becomes the very convenience solution to deal with it. However, not to blame the heat, but the cost for air coolers in Dubai will be a bit higher this summer, and you do know the reason, don’t you? Thence, before it leaks your bank, there are some worth considering tips for you to lower down the bill. To begin the cost efficient mission, consider where you place the air cooler, since the heat can be the real enemy for it.

Say you place your cooler outside the house, move away anything that cover it, so then, it has better ventilation. Meanwhile, if you place it inside the house, it is important to close all the way the window and the drape as well. Thence, you don’t need to bother yourself for such circumstance when suddenly the air cooler system stop works properly which mean more money for the repair service. Another consideration, your installation for air cooler in Dubai must be less than 10 years. Thus, you need to change the whole system once you think the air cooler system too old.


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