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Pyramid Patio Heaters

Patio Heater (additionally called a Quartiz tube or Pyramid Gas Heater) is a machine for producing brilliant warmth for open air utilization.

A burner on top of a post, smolders condensed petroleum gas (LPG), propane or butane, and coordinates the blazes against a punctured metal screen. Warmth is transmitted from the surface of the screen in a round example around the apparatus. A reflector on the burner reflects heat that would be generally lost upwards. This is on the grounds that the reflecting hood is generally silvered which makes it a poor safeguard/emitter of warmth however great at reflecting infra-red radiation back. This decreases the measure of warmth lost by conduction as silvered surfaces won’t assimilate infra-red light. The chimenea is a distinct option for the patio warmer for home utilize, which smolders wood rather than gas.

Some more up to date sorts of patio radiators are electrically controlled radiative warmers that transmit infrared vitality onto close-by surfaces, which thusly warmth up the encompassing air. Contingent upon the area, it can be all the more ecologically neighborly, (for example, North America) or more carbon escalated, (for example, UK [1])

Patio warmers have ended up well known with bars and eateries since they expand the day and the season for their clients to sit outside. This increment in the prevalence of the patio radiator has prompted concerns over their natural impacts. One patio warmer can deliver four tons of carbon dioxide every year.


1- Material Colour : Silver Stainless Steel

2- Heat settings : HIGH – MEDIUM – LOW

3- Gas Type : Propane, Butane & mixtures (LPG)

4- Power : max 12kw / min 5-6 kw

5- Consumption : Butane 870 g/h approx – Propane 855 g/h approx

6- Reflector / Base : 62 x 62 x 62 cm

7- Horizontal Safety Grid : 3 sides

8- Flame cylinder : Heat resistant glass and waterproof tube which can Endure 1500 to -40 C change. Φ 9 x 132 x 0.35 cm

9- Dimensions : 224 x 65.5 cm


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