Outdoor Portable A/C – Outdoor Portable A/C – Suiden SS-22ED-8A

Movable Air Conditioner (Portable) industrial grade  – Suiden  SS-22ED-8A uses currently international advanced technology as the prototype and then elaborated through the improvement and upgrading by our company. It is equipped with series of advanced, high efficient and energy saving parts such as rotary sealing compressor, hydrophilic membrane inner thread heat exchanger etc.

The oc_product has light type of volume, strong cooling strength and stable performance and it is equipped with multiple protectors and make care-free during the process of operation.

This oc_product is convenient to use and it can be used immediately after purchase and without installation.

So it can be widely applicable in the locations that have requirement to the local cooling effect, e.g., equipments of family, outdoor operation, street pedlar and snake service, factory, workshop and CNC, computer controller etc. The oc_product has good cooling effect these equipments.



Industrial Portable Air Conditioner

Power souce :220V

Frequency :50Hz

Cooling Capacity : 2.2 KW

Cooling volume : 8000 BTU

Coolant :R22

Drain Tank Capacity : 5L

Compressor Type/Output : Air Tight Rotary Model / 0.55KW

Dimension : W 390 x D 430 x H 808


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