HP Misting System Dubai UAE – High Pressure Misting System outdoor cooling


Fogging & Misting System

A low cost, economical method to achieve exceptional cooling in large outdoor areas.

Fog ‘n’ Mist System utilizes the ‘Dry Fog’ technique which cools the air by ‘Water Evaporation’.

The system produces water droplets so small that it evaporates instantly upon contact with hot, dry air. The Evaporation process thus causes cooling producing cool air dropping the temperature without any noticeable wetting or increase in humidity. The hotter and drier it is, more impressive the performance of the system. The system is capable of lowering the air temperature by up to 17°C and can maintain a very comfortable temperature.

Both Movable and Fixed system can be provided as per oc_customer preference. The system is also available Preassembled with a Fan for additional effectiveness and portabilty.

Primarily used for Cooling, however these outdoor misting system and fogging system also finds application in various other areas as listed below:

Sport Complexes / Outdoor Events Construction Sites
Pools, Patios, Decks Water Parks
Outdoor Dining, Catering, Special Events Shopping Centers
RV Parks, Theme Parks Airport Terminals
Hotels, Spas, Restaurants, Resorts Insect/Fly Deterrent
Greenhouse Climate Control Schools
Cooling Humidification Of Wine Cellars Hospitals
Poultry, Cattle, Pig Farms Convention Centers
Horse Stables Warehouses
Industrial Humidification Government Buildings
Dust Suppression Military Bases
Odor Control/Neutralization Office Complexes
Pre-cooling Of Industrial, Commercial Air Conditioning Coils Movie And Other Entertainment Complexes
Pre-cooling Of Turbine Inlet Air And Other Industrial Equipment Foundry/Factory / Manufacturing Plant Ambient Temperature Control
Chemical Plants, Scrubbers, Composting Facilities, Landfill And Garbage Dumps, Lift Station, Recycling Centers, Rendering Plants, Sludge Beds, Solid Waste Management Facilities, Waste Transfer Stations

Special Services

  • Free Technical Support
  • Fully stocked for instantaneous service
  • Complete design facility
  • Can undertake Turnkey Projects
  • One Year comprehensive warranty
  • One Year comprehensive warranty
  • Comprehensive AMC’s for trouble free system year on year


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