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Over the years has grown to become one of the active retailers of commercial air coolers, outdoor coolers, Misting fans,Portable air conditioners, Patio heaters and outdoor air conditioners in Dubai.  
Now Dubai cooling becoming a major supplier in the industrial air cooling and industrial air coolers market place with representatives for our industrial cooling products located across the UAE.
We have assembled a team of some of the finest minds in outdoor cooling industry with many years of combined misting system expertise and experience.Dubai cooling team offers you the expertise and experience that can’t be matched by any other air cooler distributorship or company.  Whether it’s across Dubai, the Abu Dhabi, or the UAE, Dubai cooling team can offer on-site quotes and customized outdoor air conditioner systems whether you are looking for Outdoor heater, commercial outdoor cooler, industrial air cooler or home mist fan Cooling system … Dubai outdoor cooling team will ensure that you get the job done right the first time around.Our rental service for Outdoor cooler, Misting fan, outdoor air conditioner, portable air conditioner and air coolers are the only options available in dubai & Abu Dhabi market for outdoor cooling and industrial cooler since they consume less power that makes outdoor cooling rather economical in nature. Another prominent facet that makes these Industrial coolers befitting for your industrial cooling requires is their Variable air flow rate blower. Some of these mist fans are likewise incorporated with a LED night lamp. Imbibing all the sophistication and charm in functioning, these outdoor AC have an Ionizer that produces fresh air.To cool your home patio, evaporative air coolers that are residential build with this natural phenomenon, utilizing a fan to draw on warm, stale air in the unit, where it passes over water-moistened pads to be cooled. Subsequently, the cool, rejuvenated atmosphere is circulated during your surroundings. Considering that the cool atmosphere making and is constantly circulating a wind, your ambient temperature can feel 4 to 6 degrees lower in relation to the specific temperature.To efficiently cooling your house with the evaporative air cooler, the important thing is such as what’s present in desert regions such as the UAE,Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia, hot, dry atmosphere. The truth is, outdoor coolers are when humidity levels are below 50 percent and most successful during the greatest times of the day.Usually, portable air conditioners are more affordable to install than and central ACs —when sized appropriately and used smartly— pricey to run on the long term. Similarly, portable ACs can allow you to save on energy costs when they can be utilized as floor standing air conditioners that are supplementary in difficult-to-cool places.Many portable ACs were created having a slide-out chassis, where the primary cooling unit sits inside a sleeve that was mounting. The mounting sleeve is installed in wall or the window, as well as the sleeve is slid to by the floor standing air conditioner. This characteristic also provides simple use of the unit for care jobs or, eventually, for replacing and makes setup simpler.

You can expect an extensive array of strong, yet highly efficient, portable air conditioners from a lot of the most revered brands of the industry.Featuring Energy Star window air conditioner standings, our industrial outdoor ACs are built with high grade stuff, for example heavy-gauge steel and rust free aluminum, to assist them stand as much as the elements also to the form of long term use. For flexibility in care as well as setup, these outdoor AC units can also be installed having a slide-out chassis to provide you with accessibility that is almost effortless.

Performing -responsibility, our industrial spot mobile air conditioner versions supply year round relaxation. Moreover, many Soleus Atmosphere floor standing ACs make use of the eco friendly R410A refrigerant to reduce their effect in the world.

Why Purchase a Patio Heater?Patio heaters can expand enough time it is possible to take pleasure in the outside whether it means having guests around on your own patio or chairs customers beyond your eatery. In states that are warm, outdoor heaters let you work with the patio year round, while states that are chilly will get several additional months. Patio heaters such as the pyramid and the mushroom outdoor gas heaters supply outdoor heat in an infinitely more manageable manner than the usual patio heater.

Because their target will be to disperse its evaporation not improves misting fans are ineffective and disorganized.

The misting fans atomizes water into countless micro-droplets to create a large number of times more surface area -type evaporative air coolers.

Water particles of the size only flash- evaporate with pools or no mess.

That makes the outdoor cooling mist fan evaporative cooler suitable and safe for indoor use together with outdoor. Indoors, they add and work and relaxation best with an open window or alternative way to obtain clean air.

Patio heaters will be the best strategy to expand the evenings throughout every season. Love some alfresco amusing by selecting from your very latest variety of good quality patio outdoor heaters at great hire speeds including set and free delivery combined with the extras necessary for the specific models.

Occasions and outdoor celebrations in Dubai now are all year round. Parties for example Diwali and Christmas, Halloween and New Year autumn in winter. Why don’t you observe in the chilly winter as we realize summer evenings could be very cool at the same time and as you’d a summer occasion. To keep warm or heat a region that is outdoor hire celebration and a outdoor heater together with your family and friends throughout the year. Hiring a pyramid, gasoline or electrical fire patio heater will keep your visitors warm daytime or nighttime. You can expect the finest variety of quality outdoor patio heaters for hire to be used on commercial premises – only for domestic use in your garden or hotels, taverns, eateries and pubs.

Mist cooling outdoor relaxation marketplace bringing innovative and new answers allowing individuals outside enjoyment year round.

Misting systems and misting fans rentals for residential use and now happen to be creating useable outside surroundings for eateries, taverns, resorts, casinos.

As restaurants, resorts, and patios, our misting technology is in a category by itself, because we just use the very best quality parts to give you the finest environment possible. It’s possible for you to anticipate the exact same amount of quality at home from your outdoor cooling mistign fan.

The mit evaporative cooling system is to help you take pleasure in the outside, the primary outside cooling and misting system designed to cool the outdoor areas.